a global narrative on nutrition


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a global narrative on nutrition



'Finally, an inspiring story that encourages 
to embrace healthy eating habits.'

Who Is This Lecture For?

'Powerfood' highlights the impact of nutrition on vitality. This lecture is therefore suitable for companies and organizations committed to enhancing the vitality and well-being of their people, aiming for more happiness and less illness.

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What to Expect?


Marieke transformed from chronic illness (migraine, burnout) to a state of vitality. Throughout her story, she takes the audience on a personal nutritional journey across continents, revealing her breakthroughs in health and happiness.

Culture, nature & spirit of the times

In an engaging manner, she shares the nutritional insights she has gained from various cultures such as Australia, North and South America. She delves into the spirit of the times and discovers what we as humans can learn from nature.

Systemic work

During this lecture, Marieke guides the audience, using a systemic approach, to experience the effects of dietary choices, providing deeper insight into individual potentials for optimal vitality.

Tips & tricks

She shares her perspective on the influence of dietary choices on health as well as the environment. The audience receives practical tools and tips to immediately implement.

For over 10 years, Marieke has been a keynote speaker for international organizations and is among the top female speakers in the field of nutrition and vitality.

" Great story, insights, and breakthroughs, very inspiring! "

Who is Marieke de Zwaan?

Marieke de Zwaan (1976) grew up in a family deeply connected to the agricultural world. She graduated from TU Delft in 2001 and subsequently worked as an architect for various multinational corporations. For ten years, she traveled the world with her husband and three sons, living in America, Australia, and Brazil. During her travels, she transformed from a state of chronic illness (burnout, migraine) to one of optimal vitality by changing her diet.

Marieke has pursued various studies in the fields of nutrition, vitality, and systemic work (family constellations). For over a decade now, she has been guiding individuals facing personal challenges. As a passionate keynote speaker, her lectures and webinars have positively inspired thousands of people both domestically and internationally to make more conscious dietary choices.

However, her keynotes also contain confrontational and poignant insights that provoke thought among the audience because Marieke de Zwaan aims to touch people deeply. This human aspect, for her, is the best way to underscore the importance of healthy nutrition.


"Theory can provide you with a lot of knowledge, but to get to the essence, you will need to open your heart."

According to Marieke, nutrition is often approached in such a reductionist manner, solely viewed through the lens of nutrients. However, nutrition is so much richer than that. A quote that resonates deeply with Marieke to her core is the following: 'Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving, and identity.' Only when you pay attention to everything connected with nutrition, does nutrition start working for you!

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  • Marieke de Zwaan is invited for her specific knowledge and experience to inspire attendees of seminars, conferences, or congresses with her story about nutrition.
  • To meet the specific needs of the client, she discusses the content of the lecture in advance with the customer.
  • "The objective is to have the lecture seamlessly fit with the event's theme, as well as the culture and challenges of the organization.

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‘100% Marieke de Zwaan 100% bezieling en inspiratie rondom alles wat met vitaliteit te maken heeft.’ 

Bob Fleuren, COO at Ebusco

‘Marieke boeit, vertelt kort en krachtig en maakt theorie praktisch. Een eye-opener dat smaakt naar meer.’

Natasja Deelen, HR Director Middle Europe & International Markets bij Cloetta

'Mariekes inzichten zijn een ware game-changer en hebben mij gemotiveerd om mijn eigen eetgewoonten en gezondheidsdoelen te heroverwegen.'

Kees Rijnhout, Group CEO at Jaguar the fresh company bv

'Op tv word je doodgegooid met programma’s over voeding en gezondheid. Eerlijk gezegd luister ik niet meer zo goed. Echter, jij wist de zaal tot het einde te boeien. Het was doodstil!'

Marijke smit, voorzitter vrouwen van nu

'Wow wat heb jij mij geraakt. Ik tik dit bericht terwijl de tranen over mijn wangen lopen… Hoe mooi laat jij de samenhang zien, beseffend deel te zijn van het grote geheel.'

Lisette Tiggelaven, Reflexologiepraktijk

‘Mooie manier om ons weer te triggeren! Over de juiste voeding, tijd nemen voor voeding en hier plezier en gezelligheid aan te beleven.’


‘Marieke is een aanrader voor iedereen die meer inzicht wilt krijgen in gezonde voeding, en de manier waarop voedsel bewerkt wordt. Haar punt was helder: ‘they who stir the pot, rule the world.’

EVA-LISA JANSSEN, oprichter Ucademy

'Mariekes kennis over 'sustainable lifestyle' en het belang van gezonde voeding heeft ze op creatieve wijze weten in te vlechten in een luchtige maar belangrijke boodschap voor de deelnemers aan het congres over eetstoornissen. Echt een aanrader!'

Karin Tobias, klinisch psycholoog, hoofd behandelzaken GGz Centraal


  • What can we do to live more sustainable and healthy?
  • Wat is de invloed van voeding op vitaliteit?
  • Hoe kun je het aantrekkelijk maken om gezonde voeding te kiezen?
  • Hoe kun je leren om onderscheid te maken tussen de zin en onzin van informatievoorziening over voeding?
  • Hoe voorkom je dat gezonde voeding een obsessie wordt?
  • Hoe weet je nu of je op de juiste weg zit met voeding?

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10 Voedingstips

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Marieke de Zwaan

“ Mariekes verhaal is in deze turbulente tijd écht van toegevoegde waarde! ”